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at high temperature of summer heat, but the global economy is chill, many small and medium-sized private enterprises in Zhejiang seems to have “not have enough for food and clothing” and “cold night”, like “hanging by a thread” thirty years of age, the private enterprises in Zhejiang how to live? Will undoubtedly become the China Corporation is mirror of health.
so, earlier this month, Minister of Commerce Chen Deming braved the swiss hublot replica watches intense heat of summer, make a hurried journey without stop to the birthplace of Wenzhou Taizhou in the two Zhejiang enterprises investigation, finally he used “get through the night, is Chaoyang” such a simple word, to a “hot pot ant like” Zhejiang bosses and courageous.

macro-control, monetary tightening, the appreciation of the renminbi, rise in price of raw materials…… A series of adverse external factors, that has always been good replique montre hublot pas cher at “the day when the boss, the evening sleep on the floor.” Zhejiang bosses, even in the “floor” is also difficult to get to sleep, and then “be in a constant state of anxiety” feeling, semi shutdown, shutdown, close, as many enterprises from predicament, and even some places have already the owner of a “run” of the case.

“this year is the small and medium-sized enterprise life year.” Zhejiang, a local official told the media so that.

SMEs so embarrassed, some large enterprises are not clear. Annual sales of billions of dollars of leap Group, the head of Qiu Jibao has been regarded as a “national treasure” the level of entrepreneurs, said from some kind of degree, he is a typical private entrepreneurs in Zhejiang from the “grassroots” leap to the “Star”, and this is a “private enterprise star” also failed to escape the economic cold. Qiu Jibao has acknowledged to the media, “leap is indeed very difficult. This year 1 to April, leap Group sales dropped more than 40%, part of the domestic product growth, overall sales are down more than 30%. Due to the appreciation of the renminbi, raw material prices and other factors, the leap in the group by the end of the bank liabilities for 1159000000 yuan, there is a part of private lending.”

in the cold night, the lack louboutin pas cher of winter clothes are difficult to survive. Market economy is not only by the “invisible hand” to magic! The downturn in the economic cold wave, enterprises need to have the government “visible hand” to warm care with.

in economic development in Zhejiang’s history, the government is “Inaction” is known, actually this kind of “Inaction” invisible “for”. But this one is different, in the face of the monomer is tiny, but a group of Zhejiang economy whether stable development, has the role hublot replica watches of small and medium-sized enterprises play a decisive role, the government chaussures louboutin of Zhejiang is a powerful visualization: “the hand on hand”! To leap Group difficulties, Zhejiang Province, Taizhou city Jiaojiang District, three levels of government to resolve the financial crisis has leap Group launched a series of work. The provincial government to convene the relevant aspects of enterprises, banks are coordinated, the creditor banks agreed to maintain the leap Group >