swiss hublot replica watches Soaring oil prices, the domestic shoe sad day

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‘s international crude oil prices, leather development costs rose about 5%-10%; in the habit of “small profits but quick turnover” China leather enterprise profit decline further, some leather shoes low profits to $1; experts remind enterprises to improve product added value of strain . reporter yesterday from the second session of China SME Expo was informed that, as the international crude oil prices, the domestic leather product cost a larger increase, leather production enterprise profits further diluted. Experts said, “quantity”, “price” has always been the China leather shoes exports two handle the “imperial sword”, in this case, the enterprises should avoid the price war caused by vicious competition. swiss hublot replica watches shoe profits fall September is the shoe production, sales season, whether manufacturers or shoe bag, at this time to launch new products, looking for buyers. Reporters from the meeting that, due to rising oil prices, manufacturers profits further diluted. “oil is the essential raw materials for the development of leather material, due to rising oil prices, leather development costs rose about 5%-10%. But in order to sustain the buyers, manufacturers generally not raised ex factory price.” Give priority to treasure Sia leather company said, “at present, a medium-sized domestic brands of leather in the replique montre hublot big bang domestic price of about 300 yuan to 400 yuan, while imitaciones de relojes in Europe, like GUCCI’s first international brand portfolio price equivalent to 6000 yuan to 7000 yuan, the domestic shoe a straight in the lower value-added road with the increase of cost, leather, shoe factory day I am afraid even more sad.” chaussures louboutin Mr. Wang from Zhejiang said, the current domestic market pigskin, sheepskin as general leather shoes materials, due to fierce market competition, the profit is low, sometimes even up to a pair of shoes only 1 yuan -3 yuan profit level. not only that, foreign anti-dumping also make survival shoes domestic deterioration. Deputy director China Leather Industry Association Zhang Shuhua said: “this louboutin homme pas cher year because of the China shoes anti-dumping increased, there will be some footwear products back to the domestic market, the domestic shoe industry will also be expected domestic price competition trend.” to improve the additional value is the key to in 2004 the global footwear production is about 1>相关的主题文章: