rolex replica watches The EU’s shoe antidumping results recently published

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Chinese shoes network October 10th news, review the EU imposed on China shoe anti-dumping duties will announce the final results recently.

the EU anti-dumping case of leather shoes initiated Chinese lasted 4 years without end, in 2005 July, the EU decided to China shoes 16.5% levy anti-dumping duties. This rate makes a lot of Chinese shoe to the EU footwear market to, leading to a rolex replica watches sharp drop in exports. According to Guangzhou customs statistics, this year 1~7 month, Guangdong shoe exports an average price of $2.9 / double, fell 6.4%; total exports fell 5.7%, to $5740000000. The proposal of

the EU has been the global footwear replique montre rolex daytona producers and big European retailers collective protest. Analysis of the industry, the final decision of the European Union is likely to make some kind of compromise, fake christian louboutin the new proposal would claim punitive tariffs for a christian louboutin outlet period of 15 months, louboutin homme pas cher instead of the regular 5 year period. May’s shoes and sports shoes out of the scope of punitive taxation of goods.

this pin measures should have expired, the European Commission regardless of most members of the opposition in 2008 October, decided to launch the expiry of China shoes anti-dumping case, to decide whether to extend the anti-dumping measures. During the review, the measures are still applicable.