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China shoes network August 26th news, recently, a national public service project “China children foot Research Database” collection and test is being prepared, a number of children’s shoes rolex replica watches in Quanzhou enterprises are integrating efforts to create children foot type database.

according to participate in the organization of the general manager of Liuhe marketing planning of the project planning Ltd. Chen Shuqing said, the establishment of the database, will fill the gaps in children’s foot type data, designed to provide reference data for the footwear industry, to improve our country’s comfort, fit, health promotion, Quanzhou shoes industry technology upgrade. replicas relojes españa

Chen Shuqing introduced, the establishment of the project will be the first large-scale acquisition for children in countries foot type data research, but also for China’s children include the law of foot, foot replicas relojes growth law, health and other aspects of a comprehensive survey.

it is understood, the data sampled by random sampling, sampling and cluster sampling of three combination of measures, including the type of sampling store random sampling and the kindergarten, school and other places with cluster sampling.

with the foot type data in the replique montres hublot database continues to increase, to be published in our children’s foot change and health white paper on the fixed cycle. In addition, christian louboutin outlet the organization shall be according to the needs of enterprises for children, athletes foot measurement, such as table tennis, basketball athlete, provide the basis for the development of professional sports shoes in China Youth Athletes wearing.

reporters learned from the industry, at present “the establishment of China children foot Research Database” are actively cooperate with and support Quanzhou and Zhejiang children’s shoes enterprises.

permanent, director of brand marketing center Dai Xinqi said, because children especially young children to the shoe fitting can not accurately express the amount of foot, choose a shoe is a necessary means to provide shoes for children. Series of moves actively involved in collection and research of Quanzhou children’s shoes enterprises in the foot type, is the key technology breakthroughs, will eliminate our children sports shoes health “threshold”, quickly leading the domestic children’s shoes technology innovation.

finally, Chen Shuqing said, the project will be officially launched in September.