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[-] Chinese shoes industry news here rolex replica watches in Jinjiang, the enterprise which would not listed will louboutin homme soldes be silly. Anta, 361 degrees this familiar to Chinese enterprises to create a “brand, market, successful example of market capital expansion”. The demonstration effect, the local government support of the listing and financing, policy, capital and land hublot replica watches concessions. Domestic and foreign investment banks, law firms, accounting firms, PE listed intermediary come in great numbers, formed a complete listing of industrial chain.

and A shares H shares, then the Brand Company preferred different, Jinjiang numerous medium enterprises choose to Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany, “loopholes” market financing. “Big companies on the A shares H shares, medium-sized enterprises go abroad” is the Jinjiang enterprises tacit consensus.

these medium enterprises have many common traits: in the traditional manufacturing industry, brand awareness, capacity of medium, has strong research and development capabilities. Why does the enterprise must be listed, but listed?

local government responded, listing helps to upgrade the management level of enterprises, the transition from family enterprise to modern enterprise, the upper and lower chain specification; enterprise publicity said, help enterprises improve brand awareness, expand market share. Of course, this fake rolex watches for sale is just on the table for.

field reporter recently interviewed more than Jinjiang enterprises have been listed, local banks and listed intermediary. From their stories, listed more deep motive lies in: the government encourages enterprises listed a performance, figure two is the main tax; enterprise scramble for money, the financing difficulty, in addition there are comparisons and blindly follow the trend. But the financial fraud, capital move, even delisting and into other markets, some enterprises in Jinjiang or helpless or intentional listed technique.

Jinjiang enterprises listed after the show, generally uncomfortable. In Germany the market as an example, the four enterprises in the German listed stock issuance, trading sparse, christian louboutin pas cher the basic price is only half of the issue price. Upgrade, many listed companies call management market expansion did not appear, the financing expansion has encountered the industry overall overcapacity.

“in recent years the overseas listed so many enterprises, in a few years, winding up delisting.” Recently retired director of the Jinjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce Xie Luwei told reporters.

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Armani, “world famous brand, understanding of our factory?.” A street vendor of the old man, abnormal proudly handed reporters a double the world famous George · white sports shoes Armani trademark.

the old man when the doorman to a golden sporting goods factory, at the same time set up a stall at the factory gate, brand shoes and apparel to sell their own factories. In addition to Armani sports shoes, this pair of price 35 yuan, land >