replicas relojes Hublot The development trend of China footwear industry

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in the global footwear industry layout, China is undoubtedly the most powerful army, because 15000000000 in annual global double shoe share, “Chinese made” has been more than 10000000000 double. However, in 2008, amidst the winds of change, a thriving Chinese footwear industry began a new fission, in international trade barriers, people, appreciation, rising prices of raw materials and labor shortages, Terry is the impact of the implementation of the national new labor contract law, has been in a strong position in replicas relojes Hublot the China footwear industry is facing severe challenges and tests. The urgency China footwear industry transfer and the upgrading of industry crisis “, how to structure the new global footwear industry change, replicas relojes has become a global focus.

China footwear industry has a long history, with the flow of the tide of reform and opening up, Imitacion de Relojes China to undertake the transfer of the international footwear industry, to become the world’s largest footwear production center and sales center, formed a complete industrial chain and industrial development platform, and has occupied the whole world in the low-end shoes products market, the traditional shoe-making powers Italy, Spain, Portugal, has been abandoned in the low-end market, all turned to high-end market, shoes making industry in Brazil also began to high-end market in South america. This is an international trend of industrial development.

Chinese shoe more concentrated in the southeast coastal area, now also began to face rising labor costs, electricity supply, rising prices of raw materials and strict environmental requirements and other issues, part of a shoe factory (mainly small factory does not regulate the Dachang a large number or face closure and transfer) choice, there are some shoes factory put up the shutters or moved to other places. Chinese footwear industry competition advantage is obvious, but how to adapt to the changes in the international market and domestic replicas relojes baratos environment, grasp the development opportunities for the louboutin soldes market, the industry is also had to face the reality of the

according to the analysis about the industry experts, the future development of China footwear must from the low-end market to the top end of the market, to change from quantity to quality and efficiency, industrial upgrading is the only way, therefore, looked from the quantity, Chinese footwear production and export volume may in the future will be decreased, but the quality will improve, product gross price and export will continue to increase.

second, Chinese footwear industry transformation and metastasis is represent the general trend, part of the innovation ability and the normative strong enterprise, will go to the industrial transformation and upgrading of the road, a part of enterprises rely on the production cost to win will be transferred to the mainland production cost advantage place, such as Guangdong Pearl Delta footwear industry has shifted to the East and West wings relatively backward area, the footwear industry in Wenzhou has been to the West Area >