replicas de relojes The bottleneck of the development of Wenzhou small and

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China shoes network December 29th news, Hebei, Henan, Hunan, the leather industry is rising rapidly, with low price strategy, they are in the shoes in the upper reaches of Wenzhou brand launched fierce impact.

now, Wenzhou small and medium-sized shoe is in an awkward situation of development.

a friend recently traveled to Guangzhou, Fujian Quanzhou, Zhejiang Wenzhou, Hebei Baoding and other places to visit shoe market. The friend to do wholesale shoes in Hunan, Changsha, his feeling is, Wenzhou shoes are not good to sell, some dealers like him in Guangzhou to do wholesale always run Wenzhou takes the goods, now transferred to Hebei, Henan, Hunan and other places to take the goods, because the same low-end product cost in some places a pair of it to 10 yuan low.

in recent years, the rapid rise of Hebei, Henan’s leather industry, coupled with artificial, hydropower, factories and other low cost, to highlight the advantages, Latecomers become the first., which occupy a big piece of footwear market share in the low-end. Similar to the Wenzhou development path, where many shoe enterprises are based on the courtyard make expansion, using the “workshop” model replicas de relojes of production and marketing.

chaussures louboutin “if they try again, Wenzhou shoe Xiang position famous can be sure.” My friend says.

industry “leading the trend of popular Guangzhou shoes, Wenzhou shoe market led” discourse, by the ruthless market challenge appears to. It is also the fact that. At present, the transfer of industry, cost pressures have blocked the development of Wenzhou shoe enterprises. Survey data show, Wenzhou footwear enterprises large area atrophy, in 2002 from more than 5000 reduced to 2600 families today.

then, replicas relojes hublot the rest of the Wenzhou small and medium-sized shoe in the way?

to go up is a way out, but it’s easier said than imitaciones de relojes done. Wenzhou Pubei gathered a batch of low-end shoe replicas relojes factory. To a local annual sales of 20000000 yuan of A plant as an example, it has six or seven sets of tools, 3 production lines, more than 70 workers. At present a set of tools for about 60000 yuan, a 150000 yuan line. If you walk in the high-end, light is updating equipment cost would need to be doubled, the shoe factory more than net profit a year.

in addition to upgrade price is higher, there is the problem of these manufacturers transition upgrade is not high enthusiasm. For example, A factory boss said, shoes market capacity is limited, they hit a pair of shoes