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China shoes network October 3rd news: following the July Dongguan furniture Wuhan trip, this month, Dongguan goods to battlefield extend Changchun northeast. The reporter was informed that, in September 26th -10 month 2 days, China and Dongguan, Guangdong product line product marketing activities of Dongguan brand clothing shoes and hats (northeast) promotion week, held in Changchun City Eurasia stores exhibition center. As of press time, has signed up more than 20000000000 yuan.

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the exhibition textile clothing and footwear accounted for 50%. Which shoes exhibitors mainly replicas de relojes hublot big bang by Houjie Town and the headquarters of the world’s footwear industry (Dongguan) Al Qaeda the town or shoes enterprises, the independent brand to the domestic and the domestic brand exhibitors. The shoe industry in the world headquarters deputy general manager replique montres hublot Zhang Hong in an interview with reporters, said: “footwear, had more than 50 enterprises registration, because the booth is limited, the final 26 home, where a single town Houjie accounted for 16”. The exhibition, Dongguan shoe has entrenched 110 standard booths.

it is understood, this exhibition Dongguan City clothing business representatives and local dealers held a signing ceremony, a total of 58 cooperation projects, cooperation amounting to 21570000000 yuan. A total of 66 enterprises of 68 brands, a total of 293 booths. Zhang Hong through the phone told reporters: “Dongguan footwear brand alliance and Changchun dealers signed a total of 7 billion of the rolex replica watches purchase contract.”

in Northeast as a springboard to national

in June held the first outside Guangdong during the Expo (Dongguan), the shoe industry in the world headquarters United 33 brand enterprises set hundreds of brand replicas relojes baratos established “Dongguan footwear brand alliance”. Zhang Hong that “Dongguan shoes good quality, new style, good credit, have very strong competition ability”. relojes imitacion It can be said that the “Dongguan shoes” to the market in Northeast China as a springboard, first step towards the domestic market. “The success, this year like this tour at least do 5 again.”

“the exhibition of products, is part of the existing products, the other part is the new products are being developed. Now, we are conducting market research in Northeast China, hope that through the accurate understanding of the Northeast People’s consumption demand, the development of new products most marketable.” The cross on the Group Chairman and general manager Wang Shengpei told the reporters exhibitors, cross day group in the exhibition a total of 6 booths, at present, in the northeast is not cooperative dealers, “I hope that through this exhibition, providing a ‘test’ for enterprises to open up the Northeast market platform.”