louboutin homme soldes Jinjiang sports shoe brand reproduction of the break

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[] Chinese shoes recently, China first “street culture research center” was established in buzhiba, original fashion movement buzhiba, a magnificent turn, began marching into the street, street style positioning movement, beckoning motion field to borrow “face” from the same qualitative.

buzhiba’s “face”, whether to bring the industry a new fashion inspiration, ecbolic new market space — street sport, is gradually becoming a continued professional sports, fashion movement, leisure sports, or will become a market segments, the sport field of Jinjiang?

trend: quietly rising street fashion

was once popular in Europe and street culture, now gradually swept Chinese. Especially in the “after louboutin homme soldes 85″ “tide, cool” gens, graffiti, hip-hop, parkour, bmx…… These represent the cultural elements with the fashion trend of the become their unique “symbol”.

buzhiba general manager Lin Qinghong said, since this year, the financial crisis and the overall market downturn, buzhiba decisive attack, successfully “changed face”. “We will be the main target consumers lock in 85, to the characters of a generation of young consumers in the pursuit of replique montre rolex fashion, the pursuit of individuality, bolder shouted ‘street style movement’, success will street culture into the brand, to seize the street culture and sports combined advantage.” Lin Qinghong said, this is the “face” of the original buzhiba.

“after the Olympic era, domestic sports two or three line brand with first-line camp growing gap. In Jinjiang, brand supremacy Anta in professional sports field can not shake, and fashion sports, leisure sports field is crowded with many brand, choose to enter the field of new street movement, is in the same competition, outstanding competitors surrounded, find the breakthrough point.” Lin Qinghong said, the streets of movement is a new generation of young people, the future market potential is very great, and the most important is, replicas relojes omega en espana the current market there is no leading brand.

Lin Qinghong analysis says, in recent years, with the trend of the rise of street culture, keen business already has this business tentacles, many brands of a corresponding increase in the product line and the investment promotion, but most is “chipping louboutin pas cher away”, in order to explore the concept of the attempt, not much research and development and promotion. Some brands also did the promotion of some individual activity, but the overall basic “no climate”, also did not appear to street movement as the brand positioning.

“buzhiba advocate street style movement, is not small, to make a ‘street culture revolution’!” Lin Qinghong told reporters, “Pan street buzhiba integration” concept — everything happened in the streets of the behavior and the phenomenon of street, building framework to mainstream christian louboutin pas cher culture, advocate “my style, can not be replaced! THE ONE!” >