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‘s “Spain burned shoes incident” Yu Bo first, “Russia buckle shoes incident” once louboutin homme soldes again to Wenzhou shoes to the front.

16, deputy director of the Wenzhou shoe industry association and the Secretary General Zhu Feng told the “First Financial Daily” the reporter, Russia local time in late March 12th 23 (Beijing time on March 13th at 4 in the morning), the Russian Moscow several tax police to Saddam Voight. Don’t Jiecha. Lenake market warehouse, in office issued to the market a search warrant in storage room pull goods, to the market Wenzhou businessmen to Wenzhou shoe leather industry association for help (Beijing March 15th), the local tax police continue to pull goods.

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yesterday 19 when, the local tax police had been away more than 100 containers, including Wenzhou Nast shoe 28 container shoes, the total value of about 20000000 yuan, 16 container shoes a shoe, the value of about 10000000 yuan. Zhu Feng said, the buckle shoes incident involving a total value of about 80000000 yuan, fake rolex watches involving more than 20 footwear enterprises in Wenzhou. Wenzhou two big shoe tycoon — AOKANG group and Kangnai group was not affected.

reportedly, yesterday, 13 Wenzhou owner heard pull goods news, the Treasury view was the Russian tax police detained, in all the documented cases, still be detained for 6 hours, until the China Embassy in Russia’s intervention was able to escape.

for the “buckle shoes incident”, Wenzhou shoes industry associations and affiliated shoes export council overnight drafted “on the Wenzhou footwear export enterprises goods again by Russian police forced away the urgency louboutin homme pas cher of the situation report”, and on the morning of 16 July to the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and China leather association. Zhu Feng said, they hope to prevent replicas de relojes similar behavior immediately through diplomatic or other effective means, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese businessmen.

is currently the Ministry of Commerce has not yet make a statement.

Zhu Feng thinks, the main reasons for the incident is the local market environment is not mature enough, did not enter the normal trading order.

it is understood, the away China cargo mostly is the “gray customs clearance” way to enter russia. “Gray customs clearance” refers to some Russian “customs clearance companies”, help the imported goods into the Russian market at below the statutory level of tax rate. The owner with the “customs clearance companies” sign a transport protocol, by the “customs clearance companies” responsible for the goods to the warehouse in Russia, cargo declaration charges have been included in the paid rent, “customs replicas relojes baratos clearance companies” with the Russian customs formalities. But the owner does not take Russia’s declaration.

due to the declaration of formal channels, summer shoes may have to wait until winter, the Russian customs will release, it is easy to lose the business opportunities, so the “gray customs clearance” become >