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‘s louboutin homme pas cher Chengdu City Industrial and commercial bureau recently released the results of spot checks of shopping malls selling sneakers relojes imitacion quality monitoring, 20 batches of samples, only 3 batches of qualified, the passing rate was only 15%.

monitoring found, main problem hublot replica watches is a sign of unqualified, two is wear resistant performance does not meet the. Such as the nominal Quanzhou Luojiang Jin Li Footwear Company Limited production of “cat cartoon heroes” brand shoes, rolex replica watches Jinjiang Le Deng Footwear Company Limited production of “joy” brand sports and casual shoes, Jinjiang Longines Shoes Co., Ltd. production of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” brand travel shoes, Jinjiang special foot shoes development limited production “especially foot” brand travel shoes, Jinjiang Chuan Yu Shoes Co., the company’s production rolex replica watches of “Xiaola” brand sports shoes, Fujian Jinjiang cowboy Footwear Company Limited production of “Hongkong Ultraman” brand travel shoes and Fujian Jia Bao shoe limited company production of “alliance” brand travel shoes.