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[China shoes industry news] – winter arrives, the mall shoe counters replique montres hublot are fully occupied the winter boots. However, consumers shopping will find, winter boots for good this year. Even though many brands listed on the sale, the final selling price of a pair of new winter boots are basically in 2000 yuan.

“three digits” winter boots to find

the major shopping malls in the shoe counter is now winter boots “the world”, and this year almost all brand winter boots at Dou Pan on the four digit, part of the price replicas de relojes omega to three digit styles were rare.

in the STACCATO counters, winter boots price to nearly 3000 yuan from 1000 yuan, the most in 1000 yuan near 2000 yuan.

in the TaTa counter, a new boots to be placed in a prominent position, the salesman said: “this is new, just to shop for a week or so, style is very popular, the thermal effect is also very good.” And this winter boots price is 1298 yuan. Reporters on the scene saw, TaTa counter on the replicas relojes hublot short boots price is generally more than 800 yuan, the price in the 899-999 yuan. Sales personnel said: “this year, the overall price rise 100-200 yuan. This year the styles change, last year 699 yuan, 799 yuan to buy a pair of boots, this is not the price.”

in Belle brand counters, winter boots prices generally in the 800 yuan to 1500 yuan; and Daphne brand boots is slightly cheaper prices than other brands, price is in 650 yuan to 1300 yuan; Teenmix counter winter boots price is generally more than 1000 yuan, Pierre Cardin a new female boots price is a breakthrough 2000 yuan, sell 2098 yuan.

“winter shopping malls winter boots prices generally rose, or at least into about two.” In the Binjiang shopping center, the sales staff said, in fact, the annual winter store boots prices will rise slightly, but this year seems to rise more obvious, under 1000 dollars to buy a pair of new winter boots to wear.

in addition, the reporter also found that, this year the market over the knee boots price is in 2000 yuan of above, and last year the brand knee boots the basic price of no more than 1800 yuan.

discount sales will exceed 1000 yuan

“buy now winter boots new can enjoy 25% off preferential, right.” A mall in the shoe department, sales personnel introduces, this year the new winter boots a basic listing all discount sales, “so the final christian louboutin pas cher price will not be like the price so high”.

however, the reporter found that, even after the discount to buy, the price also > winter boots