Imitacion de Relojes Jinjiang shoe enterprises force into the clothing mark

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[Chinese shoes – industry news] recently, the reporter entered Lai Group Marketing Center, its president Lin Jiancheng are examining the design personnel to men’s style. Originally, Lai replique montre hublot pas cher to enter the men’s market, after doing market research and product design R & D -.

looking for new profit growth point has been a problem for most enterprises, especially in today’s economic environment is more complex, how to seek profit breakthrough is a pressing matter of the moment. In recent times, many Jinjiang shoe enterprises depend on its own resource advantages, some by accelerating the extension of apparel christian louboutin outlet products to enrich the product line, and some cross industry to create brand, some new positioning of the brand, one after another in various ways to seek a breakthrough, a burst of vitality and new highlights. Regardless of their own to buy new clothing factory increase capacity or the clothing to outside manufacturers, or any other way, mining the clothing market has become the preferred way of traditional shoes look for profit growth point. But Lai is only a company which.

clothing market demand Wang; Lin Jiancheng told reporters, Lai Group is in preparation for the launch of a new product series, next summer will be officially launched the “gold Lai” and “silver crocodile Wright” leisure fashion series.

in addition, the reporter also learned, Kinglake (Chinese) sports goods limited company to expand capacity, increase the production of clothing, in Wuhan to buy 500 acres of land and a new garment factory. Kinglake chairman Ding Zhide told reporters, in recent years, the clothing market was flourishing Kinglake, market demand, therefore decided to build their own new garment factory to increase production.

in addition, three six one degrees (China) Co., Ltd. Industrial Park in Jinjiang of five in a plant as early as the beginning of this year after the completion of formal put into production, the garment replique montre hublot big bang factory now has 12 lines in the production. It is reported, in 361 then, two phase of the project plant shoes to complete the entire 361 five industrial park, a single garment factory will reach 24 production lines, christian louboutin pas cher and the entire industrial park can accommodate about 12000 people.

consulting (China) Limited General Manager Fujian company Tang Jisheng think, many shoe enterprises with garment industry, the fundamental reason lies in the vast space of the clothing market. “Consumption under normal circumstances clothing sales, than the shoe came to big, therefore profits relatively >