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China shoes Network 04 on 20, 2010 Chinese sports Standardization Forum held in Fujian Jinjiang 19. Relevant personage from the national shoe Standardization Committee and other units as well as part of sporting goods companies to participate in the forum, standardization and improve the overall level of China’s sporting goods industry. The enterprises should overcome rolex replica watches short-sighted behavior, to accelerate the standardization of construction, expanding the “escort for the further development of sports goods industry”.

according to the Secretary of the National Standardization Technical Committee shoe long Qi Xiaoxia introduces, at present the national standards, industry standards in China relates to shoe of a total of 232, of which 80 national standards. The standard in production and quality footwear products to improve plays a direct role in guiding, in solving quality complaints, quality dispute case, has played a positive role in safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers and enterprises, maintain the market order, protect the Chinese footwear industry health, stable development.

Deputy Secretary National Council of sports products standardization technical unit, Anta Sports Products Limited, since 2005, has been involved in travel shoes, basketball louboutin homme pas cher and volleyball professional sports shoes and other 4 national standards for the drafting work.

Anta company vice president Zhang Tao said, through the improvement and establishment of a standardized system, actively participate in the national standardization work, improve the Anta level of product quality, provide powerful technical support for the industry standardization work.

“standard is not only the constraints, is the responsibility.” Jinjiang shoe enterprises Xidelong (China) Co., Ltd. President Lin water dish, with the economic and social development, China sporting goods industry is facing development opportunity hitherto unknown, sporting goods market requires standardization “escort”.

Zhang Tao, the personage inside course of study points out, the sporting goods industry of new material, new technology change rapidly changes, lagging behind some product standards, or part of the enterprise attention is not high on hublot replica watches the standard, to some extent hindered the industry, enterprise development. At the same time, due to the international standard tracking system replique montre hublot big bang is not perfect, resulting in some enterprises faced the passive situation in the suffered foreign technical barriers to trade at.

“enterprises should pay attention to the standardized construction, attach importance to the technology innovation, cultivating talents to promote the standardization, standardization work in enterprise development.” Zhang Tao pointed out that.

the forum hosted replicas de relojes baratos by the Jinjiang City Hall, technology > provide the National Standardization Technical Committee shoe