louboutin femme pas cher Sports industry has entered a period of adjustment

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[-] China shoes industry news to promote China sports goods industry progress, and promoting sustainable development, China sports goods industry recently, the first China sports goods industry sponsored Summit Forum held in Beijing by the Federation of Chinese sports goods industry. Forum to “cohesion power industry, explore the reform road” as the theme, invited industry leaders, well-known enterprises management representative, senior industry professionals, experts and scholars of common participants. The keynote speech, peak dialogue, thematic sub forums, in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities Chinese sporting goods industry is currently facing, to explore louboutin femme pas cher the development of sports goods industry Chinese road.

the forum a link with the most eye-catching non peak dialogue. In the dialogue, Anta (China) Co., Ltd. fake louboutin President Ding Shizhong, chairman of Lining (Chinese) Sports Goods Co., Lining Xtep (China) Co., Ltd. President Ding Shuibo, Taishan sports industry group limited company chairman Bian Zhi Liang and Shenzhen haojiating industry limited company chairman Zhang Jiahua to the big five neat appearance, development prospect of sports industry and the problem now facing one one of.

after years of rapid development, sports has entered a period of adjustment.

talk to adjust:

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in 2000 after ten years, with the China economic development, city residents income increase, the development of sports market space. Lining responding to this industry the market given his chance, said, now the whole world economy adjusting, China economy adjusting, sports goods industry faces the same adjustment. “This adjustment may be a lot of pressure on us, it is a huge opportunity.” Lining said.

Anta witnessed the first negative growth since the creation of enterprises in the last year, but Ding Shizhong believes that, in the economic development of this is not replicas de relojes omega necessarily a bad thing. “The stage of adjustment is the adjustment of the business model, but also domestic brands must consider and review the direction. I told the team, still is full of gold, but gold in the ground, have to out.”

Ding Shuibo also believes that the sporting goods industry in space is christian louboutin outlet still very great. “The industry is currently in the China no oligarch enterprises, there is no monopoly. Along with the development of urbanization and national movement, to further expand the space industry.” Ding Shuibo said, “sports more than ten years of rapid growth, the emergence of some adjustment is very normal. Because the industry is like the body of a man, will inevitably fall in the process of development. Industry needs to be adjusted, but through this adjustment, I feel like a person ill increase immunity, industry concentration will be much higher! ”

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