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no matter what brand of Swiss watches, clocks and watches from the evolution of the earliest timing tool today expensive luxury goods, is a long process. Swiss watches as early as the utility of one kind or another to meet the daily life, with their rich historical connotation, mingled with the structure of their complex, with the myriads of changes in the face of competition, many Breitling for Bentley replique international brand watches tabulation technology, was pushed off the stage. Tourbillon but some attention to watch many people have for having heard it many times, the tourbillon three words. In recent years, it is from the ancient Breguet (Breguet Breguet) walked out of the invention of Mr. dictionary, became popular and fashionable watchmaking industry is absolutely vocabulary. Although after the often hear some people talking about what form a tourbillon watches, still asked: “what is the tourbillon?” Mr. Breguet pocket watch, or in the. When people watch vertically into the pocket, or level with time in the hand, to provide power for the pocket watch pocket watch balance wheel, because the change of the angle of swing, affected by gravity, too fast and slow, it is bound to affect the accuracy of travel time watch. While the tourbillon escapement wheel, is responsible for the storage, release and watch the power, put in a cage like device, and at a constant speed constant rotation, to eliminate the influence of gravity brings, let go more time table.

watch brand Mr. Breguet never would have thought Lange replique that two hundred years later, the first for a practical device, today has become iconic device of each brand competition tabulation technology. Create process watchmaker are constantly immersed in Tourbillon manufacturing and new forms of Tourbillon. Therefore, the accumulation of rich historical connotation, in manufacturing technology can continue to retrofit, appearance form and had little guy � tourbillon, no doubt to be pushed to the watch brand commercial operation desk.

(Blancpain Mens Watch Blancpain Blancpain) eccentric tourbillon, OMEGA (OMEGA Omega) mid tourbillon, glashutte (Guerra Souty Glashutte Original) of the flying tourbillon, GREUBEL FORSEY 30 degree inclined double Tourbillon tourbillon, Breguet fly wheel and recognized difficulty in Stuhrling making the highest Jaeger Le Coulter (Jaeger Le Coulter table Jaeger-Le Coultre) spherical tourbillon, is important role on stage during a competition in this. Dynamic storage is also called the energy display, intuitive, is usually have a presentation display window power stored in Master Calendar replique the dial, also called the energy display window, remind the table owner “of the wind”. Watch provides the power to mechanical device, if not timely wind, it may be inaccurate, or even stop. The earliest power storage appeared in several centuries before the navigation clock, when sailing in the sea of ships, to rely on accurate travel time of the marine chronometer to calculate longitude and ensure the safety of Blue Surf replique navigation. But today, dynamic storage will no doubt and tourbillon, a >