replicas de relojes RMB appreciation of our textile export will be reduced

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‘s replicas de relojes reporter recently learned from the Shanghai Textile Holding Group Co., Chinese louboutin pas cher textile exports affected by the appreciation of the renminbi is obvious, according to preliminary estimates, RMB appreciation of textile export will be reduced by $2500000000. According to industry analysis, Chinese textile and garment, shoes, hat manufacturing export dependence is as high as replicas relojes 51%, as one of the highest degree of the industrial area of export dependence on the world, influenced by currency fluctuations and international trade environment especially. Since this year, due to the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate 2% America effect on our textiles and in July, China’s textile exports will be reduced to $2500000000, gross value of industrial output growth will drop nearly 3.5%. Relatively speaking, chemical fiber industry because of the cost of imports and exports of raw materials the relative decline in the proportion of smaller, negative impact will not be great, but the damage degree of dependence on the export of high fashion industry is replicas de relojes more serious. Directly affect the performance of many products will be exported to the domestic, the louboutin homme pas cher domestic market competition will further intensify.