replicas de relojes baratos Adidas sports shoes with Microcomputer

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‘s shoe giant Adidas from March 18th onwards the company selling replicas de relojes baratos the world’s first computer ” intelligent ” shoes;, and hope that this new ” Adidas a number ” status of sports shoes in sports shoes relojes imitacion tag heuer industry in the energy status and Apple Corp’s Ipod in digital music domain comparable. According to Adidas relevant source, the running shoes to runners feet size, pace and external terrain, even runners fatigue level automatically and continuously adjust. The ” intelligent shoe; ” installation of a sensor, a microprocessor and replica christian louboutin shoes a miniature motor system, automatically adjusting the insole. The sensor can measure the pressure under the heel of the shoe size, and judgment is too soft or hard. Related information is sent to the microprocessor, when shoes vacated, micro motor will adjust the heel of the insole. The entire system weighs less than 40 grams, the battery replicas de relojes omega is also included in the system. In 100 hours the lithium batteries are replaceable shoes can. The wearer can remove the shoes at any time ” brain ” to extend the battery life. Remove the intelligent system, the shoes will become general sports shoes. If the runners to walk more than 10 minutes, the chip can be automatically closed, degree of hardness insole remain unchanged. It is reported, Adidas developed this ” intelligent ” for a period of louboutin homme 3 years.