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‘s [China shoes – International dynamic] Turkey e-commerce market is still in the embryonic stage, the Internet penetration rate was only 45%, which means that there is great potential space domain of electronic business affairs of the country the.

from Turkey recently reported that, “Do an” under the e-commerce site, is Turkey’s leading e-commerce website. The site monthly sales reached US $1000000, next year, its annual sales is expected to reach US $500000000.

Hanzade Do an Boyner executives said: “our profit margins, this is good news. Sold more than 1000000 yuan of goods each month, turnover increased by nearly 50%. is Turkey’s largest electronic Business Company. Turkey electronic hublot replica commerce field there is a huge potential space. The company will strive to improve service, to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.”

she also said: “the current e-commerce market share in Turkey is still relatively small. As Turkey’s largest business, we will assume greater responsibility.”

according to the fake omega watches International Telecommunication rolex daytona replica Union information about 36400000 Turks, regular access to the internet. The number of Internet users in Turkey ranked twelfth in the world, the Internet penetration rate is only 45%, which means that there are still enormous room for growth.

besides retail commodities electronic commerce website, Turkey and operating online bidding, sell goods, real estate, tickets and food distribution of electronic commerce website.

three of the country’s leading business for grocery retailer, sales site owners and auction house. Other participants include Tema subsidiary of and food distribution site

electronic commerce website selling goods including electronics, auto accessories, stationery, books, movies, health care products and clothing rolex daytona replica etc.. (Chinese shoes Network – the most authoritative professional replica hublot footwear information center. Associated Media: clothing network global fashion brands network)