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‘s footwear products in the Canton Fair has become a new export growth, according to statistics, the Canton Fair, footwear export turnover increased by 23%, to $750000000. Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce inspector in the Canton Fair to the part of the enterprise China shoes officially revealed China support measures. the first is China will study how arrangements have been the central foreign trade development fund to promote capital support of light industrial products, footwear enterprises to carry out trade promotion activities. second is to encourage and guide enterprises through the method to hire foreign designers to cooperate in the development of R & D center, improve the level of technology and R & D capability China shoes enterprises, a Chinese own brand. third is the Ministry of commerce is actively promoting the export industry light industry replica hublot watches chamber of Commerce to identify the work preparation of footwear products. fourth is to promote the reform Chinese shoes sale mode, Ministry of Commerce will be funded fake omega watches in part industry organizations invited international marketing experts, the establishment of a modern marketing system, through acquisitions and sales network set up shop way, create shoes enterprises own sales channels. fifth is the government will be released by emerging market exports of footwear products guide way, realize the Chinese shoe export market and product diversification strategy. sixth is funded by the government to rolex daytona replica buy Chinese export market information, provide to the shoe business government information service and early warning. seventh is organized by the Ministry of Commerce for leather and leather products export of technical guidelines and export footwear omega seamaster replica technical guide, help China shoe enterprises to break foreign technical barriers to trade.