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[Chinese shoes – industry news] this year, many large enterprises in fake louboutin Jinjiang have expanded their production, leading to the Jinjiang technology Turner is insufficient, especially for some small and medium enterprises is due to the needle sewing and affect the entire pipeline capacity improvement. Chen Hongli tells a reporter, this year many enterprises in the new plant put into operation, the new factory employees may have been filled, but it is a new factory, there are many employees are recruited, the other procedures novice training time is very fast, but the needle car needs is the technical workers, difficult to start without a period of two years.

“we market survey found that, at present, most of the new factory car shoe enterprises staff have 30% novice, 20% workers, 50% http://www.delawareriverkeeper.org/Bred-13s.html skilled workers. Although many enterprises have their own reform in production management, but only their own ascension, not really ask professional organization to assist the reform, so it is not enough.” Chen Hongli expresses to the reporter.

“to cultivate a mature needle sewing needs at least 1-2 years time, training time is generally one of the reasons for the shortage of technical workers. Invited Turner enterprises cost do not eat, but the molding needle car and is a key part of an assembly line, therefore, how to apply the process changes to improve the situation of forming lathe as a breakthrough point of production management.” Chen Hongli told reporters, in fact, this problem is not difficult, as long as the enterprises to carry out lean management of car line, optimize the process execution needle car fast line, not only can improve the capacity of 30%, and the technical requirements of workers fake christian louboutin is not high, the product quality is more stable.

Chen Hongli told reporters, replica christian louboutin shoes needle revamping pipeline, from process optimization, the production process workers change and styles of switching to complete. That is to say, every one to one person alone to complete a surface to help all the processes, and now to adjust the process, so that each worker only completed one of the process, to Jordan 11 gamma blue line the way to quickly complete a help. So for Turner, technical requirements for low, new employees learn faster.

“this way after import, workers only need a procedure will be pin in the car can gowork immediately, this greatly reduces the training time, but also the vast majority of solve the enterprise in the sewing technology shortage problems.” Chen Hongli said, but in today’s credit so tight, this model can help enterprises to reduce 85% in goods inventory, which means to reduce the enterprise material capital occupied, let enterprise funds flow more smoothly. In addition, the pipeline can correspond to any process of complex or simple products, styles and cutting >