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China christian louboutin outlet shoes Network 05 on 06, the rapid development of shoe-making enterprises in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other coastal areas to attract the city industrial and commercial bureau merchants cadre eyes. Recently, the city industrial and commercial bureau deputy director, City Hall in Huizhou investment office director Air jordan 11 gamma blue Zhang Jinghong a line of 8 people to Huizhou, on the development of Huidong shoes status, shoe manufacturing process flow, shoe materials, shoe material market, shoe-making equipment, labor and logistics to conduct a comprehensive study, to strive for the excellent the shoe-making enterprises in coastal areas to settle down in our city, to build Xiangfan into the middle of Chinese “shoes”.

according to the leadership of the city last year in Foshan investment promotion meeting put forward to build Xiangfan “central Chinese shoes are” requirement, the city administration of industry and Commerce attaches great importance to have a definite object in view, to carry out investment work. On the one hand the extensive collection of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, the footwear industry information; on the other hand through the Huizhou Hubei chamber of Commerce, Huidong Footwear Association, Huidong Association of private economy and other ways of production, development of coastal footwear enterprises in China to conduct field investigations, the research at the same time, and actively promote Xiangfan, for foreign businessmen. Field trips to Xiangfan.

in addition, Bred 13s in order to ensure that the research work has been effective, the bureau made careful arrangements. The content of the research, the fake christian louboutin research program, unified caliber, survey design of the survey form. Support energetically in Guangdong, the business sector, focusing on the coastal footwear enterprises, footwear self-employed and shoe supporting market investigations, with 10 days to visit 1000 related footwear market, understand the Jordan retro 11 gamma blue investment demand and the intention of market main body.

in order to ensure that the “central China shoes are” the early realization of the goal, the city administration of industry and commerce actively held promotion conference in Huidong, signed an investment agreement with local entrepreneurs, help me authorities formulate park planning, the formation of the embryonic form as soon as possible park.