bred 13 Henan Shoes Industrial Park shoes industry transfer to be completed

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‘s a dedicated footwear bred 13 production enterprises industrial park is under construction, the industrial park covers an area of 70 acres, is expected to be completed by the end of 2006. This is a shoe forum upload a message held from Zhengzhou Datong shoes commercial.

Jordan 11 gamma blue “it is us a ready shoes industry transfer.” Datong shoes mall christian louboutin outlet general manager He Chao said, the industrial park built in Mazhai economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhengzhou Datong Shoes Co., Concord Road replica Christian Louboutin clothing center, communication equipment, big world, Australia and terrestrial digital communications city jointly developed, after completion will be mainly oriented brand footwear production enterprises investment, attract famous footwear production enterprises, the replica christian louboutin shoes formation of production and marketing through-train.

according to the CCPIT Henan branch, director of investment office Liang Jieyi introduced, after high-profile shoes industry transfer of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and Xinzheng airport there is a Taiwanese investment zone planning a two square kilometers Shoes Industrial Park — Chinese, Zhengzhou (Airport) shoes industrial park, Mengzhou City planning out taking mulberry slope village as the core of the shoes industrial park covers an area of 2000 acres. But so far, Chinese, Zhengzhou (Airport) shoes industrial park, only two enterprises, and sang Po Industrial Park investment is not what progress. Two industrial park expressed hope that the government will lead to coastal to merchants. Liang Jieyi stressed, Henan shoes industry transfer has the advantage be richly endowed by nature, is also relevant is trying to set up a leading group dedicated to promote it.