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Chinese rolex daytona replica shoes 05 months 11 news, took aim at the IT business in Bishan recently to move frequently: from the omega replica watches beginning of October last year, Bishan began to recover overdue undeveloped land. The three phase cheap replica watches of the project is 1000 mu AOKANG area is frozen.

this caused no small friction between Bishan and “China really shoes Wang” 21ours AOKANG.

then, Bishan introduced the New Deal: Investment Industrial Park fake omega watches must be carried out in accordance with the investment of uniform standards, annual tax contribution of less than 100000 yuan / mu, are not allowed in the park.

but the reality is, no one “Bishan shoe enterprises to achieve this standard”.

there are a hundred years of history, brilliant had to feed 200000 employment population of Bishan shoe industry will decide on what path to follow?

neglected; small traders to go still

in March, on a sunny afternoon.

a brothers stood in their leather shops, watching to the entrance Chinese Western leather city. The flat cement road is empty, no one shop business on the whole street opened a. Big brother with a feather duster to clean the hublot f1 replica door, brightly coloured leather with a long, because no turning, sweep on a cloud of dust.

this is a shoe selling season. A few years ago, the brothers had can’t come.

but this year “all this business, life does not go”, came to Bishan 14 years after the family leather business, the people of Ningbo had to go: “we are ready to sell inventory, to return to his home.”

and brothers, keep going by painstaking effort. Not in the minority.

a woman took the reporter’s hand and said, “I’ll have to reflect a situation here in the past few years is not easy to do business. Do not believe you to ask, this market (refers to the leather city), 70% of businesses are at a loss!”