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EU trade officials said recently, the EU Customs recently discovered, to circumvent the trade has been increasingly involved in their worst fears of sensitive field of food. In 2006 the EU countries have found a total of 84 class of self Chinese through a third country transshipment prohibited food, 2005 into 50 categories. These foods include chicken, duck, beef and milk. Although the food accounts for only a small part Chinese $969000000000 exports, but along with the development of agricultural modernization Chinese, its potential Jordan retro 11 gamma blue is enormous, it must attach attention.

the European Union, before 2001, China exporters often transit through a third country restricted goods, but in China accession to the World Trade Organization and access to the world’s richest market through lower tariffs replica christian louboutin shoes after a period of time, this kind of situation has decreased. Now, with the European Union and American on China cheap imports imposed anti-dumping duties, set quotas or directly to prohibit the import, circumvention practices Retro 11 gamma blue began to rise again. Last year, the EU officials found 43 cases of Chinese garlic circumvention case, with the relevant food case China accounted for more than half of. Was selected as the transit countries including Russia, Serbia, Jordan, Turkey, Dominica and Philippines. According to EU estimates, over the past 5 years only garlic to circumvent a let the EU lost $80000000 tariff revenue. In addition, the EU in October of last year to 4 months China footwear products to levy tariffs on 16.5% of the monthly export volume, Malaysia footwear from 1,08 million soared to $220000000, most of which went to europe. Now, the European Union is investigating whether a China Company will shoes products sent to Malaysia, and then transported to europe.

EU customs admits, although evasion is illegal, but this fight but very difficult. Because the law is difficult to restrain the shipping company and exporters. But avoid goods usually with a file of forged from the surface, it appears to be legitimate. In order to fake christian louboutin find out the problems, the customs officer has already begun to supervision of Global trade flows, looking for the traces from.