Bred 13s for sale The transformation of Dongguan shoe enterprises to brand

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“Belle unified domestic high-end women’s shoes market scene may be Dongguan shoe enterprises break.” Recently, a well-known shoe person in charge of a shoe forum a striking phrase. According to their analysis, the Taiwan invested shoe enterprises of Dongguan shoe enterprises are quietly transformation, brand combination of R & D and manufacturing has become part of shoe giant’s transition path.

Dongguan annual output over 1500000000

“global shoes look China, Chinese shoes at Guangdong”, has been the spread Bred 13s for sale of a famous saying. According to the statistics, after nearly 20 years of rapid development, at present Dongguan shoe-making enterprises have more than 1500, about 2000 enterprises supporting shoe shoe machine, shoe, leather, metal, chemical and other related supporting approximately 3500, employees 2000000 people, with an annual output of more than 1500000000 pairs of shoes, become the country’s footwear shoes, shoes, shoes and other related products an important distribution center, forming the industry information, market trade, raw material production equipment professional market, improve the supporting supply chain.

unlike other domestic shoe production area, Dongguan shoe-making enterprises in Taiwan enterprises, mainly the production of brand sports shoes and high-grade leather shoes, which are for OEM processing of world famous brand enterprises. Allegedly, the world has about 65% high-end shoes or shoes from Dongguan, the world every 10 pairs of sports shoes is a pair of Dongguan is the production of Jordan retro 11 gamma blue Nike, Adidas and other consumer for having heard it many times, the shoes are mostly from Dongguan.

shoe giant quietly transformation;

however, the vigorous development Gamma blue 11s of the footwear industry in Dongguan in twenty years, manufacturing enterprises the production of famous brand shoes did not focus on the development of the brand, foster a belongs to Dongguan’s world famous brand, even Chinese well-known brands, this can not but say is a regret of Dongguan shoes. replica christian louboutin shoes

“what the shoe giant really willing to do OEM processing? The answer is no.!” According to Taiwan footwear industry association chairman Lin Zhaojie introduction, Dongguan well-known shoe-making enterprises at present, Stella, Huajian as representative, have begun to create their own brand, embarked on a transition brand combination of R & D and manufacturing road. Bred 13s 2013

to Hua Jian as an example, as early as in 1996 October in the >