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[Chinese shoes – christian louboutin outlet shoes news] the European Commission (European Commissio) 16 in the Journal said, at present the levy, and China shoes imported from Vietnam anti-dumping tax is due to expire in March 31st, do not intend to review. Start implementing this punitive tariffs, more than 3 years ago, to deal with these shoes in Europe has been lower than the cost price to sell, Continental, Vietnam shoes each for 16.5%, 10% of the two tax rate.

the European Commission in December 2, 2009 on the jordan 13 bred Council of the European Union, EU shoes on imports from the mainland, to continue to levy anti-dumping duties of 15 months. The EU Jordan 11 gamma blue Council of ministers and then extending anti-dumping duties on leather shoes levy, in the period of 22 days, this period of 15 months from 2010 January, the decision also apply to imports of leather shoes from vietnam.

the European Union in the 1995-2005 period lasted 10 years, quotas on footwear. In 2005 the EU anti-dumping investigation on the mainland shoes, and in October 5, 2006 the final decision on this period of Jordan 13 bred two years, 16.5% anti-dumping tax rate.