Top Ways to Motivate People to Sign-up for Your Mailing List

If you don’t know the right methods, it can be hard to add subscribers to your mailing list. You can start getting more sign-ups for your email list today by implementing the three strategies below.

1) Give away a helpful product such as an eBook to people who sign up for your list. To make this even more effective, encourage your subscribers to forward this eBook to their own list of contacts by allowing them to put their own name and link into it. If you want your report to go viral, this is how you do it. Your sign-up rate will increase as your eBook circulates and your site gets exposed to more people! This tactic has been applied time and again by Internet marketers and has been very successful.

You have to use a quality report or eBook, though, if you want to get the most out of this method. The report has to make a positive impression on people for them to spread it around virally. You don’t have to make it too complicated or comprehensive. You do, however, want to make it impressive enough that your subscribers will want to forward it. Copy A Millionaire

2) Getting more sign-ups to your mailing list takes commitment and consistency. Active list building is what you should be aiming for. Don’t just be active, be proactive, but never be passive when you’re building your list. Considering how competitive online marketing is, being too laid back in your efforts could be very costly. Keep in mind that a mailing list is a long term strategy. Keep your larger goals in mind as you plan your strategies. As your list grows and you refine your methods, you’ll be able to outsource many of your activities, such as driving traffic to your opt-in pages.

3 A very efficient method for getting visitors to sign up for your mailing list is to give them a freebie. Depending on the niche you target, your freebie could be anything useful to the new subscriber. For example if you are in the dog training niche, you could offer a 20 page report on how to properly train your dog. The whole point here is to give value to your new subscriber through your incentive so that they remain on your list and want more from you. It does not much to produce these incentives because it going to be free. Push Button Millionaire All in all, this article tells you how simple and effective it is to add subscribers to your mailing list. It only requires effort and work on your part and then you will see good results for the long term. So begin utilizing these tips today.